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Pay Yourself for baking and make a profit with the bakery Calculator 2.0

Are you pricing your baked goods based on what you see out there . . . but somehow you’re not making enough profit? The problem is, many bakers try to price competitively, but they don’t know their own costs — sometimes even LOSING MONEY on sales. What if you could know your exact costs, mark it up for a profit AND pay yourself a wage? Introducing the Bakery Calculator 2.0

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The Master ingredients & costs list is a game-changer when you’re calculating your recipe costs

Here’s why you need this


Master Price Lists

The Master Ingredients & Other Costs Lists is where you enter in your purchased price and amount per unit; it will autopopulate in each recipe that you calculate! Similar to other online, monthly paid calculator tools (except you only pay once for this calculator!)

Calculate ALL Your Recipes

No monthly fee here, to store and track your recipe costs. Once you enter it, you’ll have it ready to view every time you get an order for that recipe. The best thing is: you can duplicate the recipe calculator tab for as many recipes as you need!



Price orders on the go

You have the option to download this recipe cost calculator as an Excel workbook or Google sheets workbook — that means, if you use the google sheets to do your pricing, you can pull it up anywhere you have internet access. Easy to use on a computer or tablet.

Get costs for more than just ingredients

When calculating costs for recipes, many people forget to add in other very important costs, like: packaging, utilities, rent, Thank you cards, stickers, etc. All of those items can be input in this calculator as well so you get a truly full picture of what your cost of baking really is.


What’s Included

Google Sheets or Excel

Choose the file medium you’re most comfortable with. If using Google sheets, you can calculate from wherever you have access to internet.

Master Ingredients List

Enter in your ingredients, price and amount all on one sheet and it will autopopulate for all your recipes! No more spending so much time getting all the pricing EVERY TIME you need to figure out costs.

Factor in Other Costs

Get all of your costs added into the profitable sale price, including: utilities, delivery, labor, packing boxes, ribbons, tags, thank you cards, stickers, heat seal bags, PYO brushed, etc. — whatever you need to make money back on. 👍🏼


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